Doctor who fell off bridge during charity ride loses court case

But despite the Sydney oral maxillofacial surgeon’s experience, and her 100km a week training regimen, she failed to negotiate a narrow wooden bridge over the Orara River between Coffs Harbour and Grafton, and fell into a rocky ravine, where she suffered serious injuries.

According to a NSW Supreme Court judgement last week, the Westmead Hospital doctor had been riding diagonally to keep her wheels from falling in the gaps between the wooden beams running lengthways on the 37m bridge.

But as she was about to finish crossing and return to the road, her front wheel became wedged and she went over the guardrail with the bicycle still attached to her feet.

“I fell… and I hit the side of the bridge, and because it was so low I just toppled over,” she said in a statement to the NSW Supreme Court, where she sued Clarence Valley Council for $822,000 for negligence.

“I somersaulted over the side. I'm not exactly sure