Doctors await EPA ruling on coal station

The EPA has greenlighted energy company HRL’s planned 600 megawatt power station in the Latrobe Valley on condition that it halves the size of the project, but lobby group Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) has challenged the approval on the grounds that it would affect people’s – and the planet’s – health.

After five weeks of VCAT hearings, the matter was adjourned late last month with a determination expected by the end of March.

“It’s a landmark case,” anaesthetist and DEA spokesperson Dr Eugenie Kayak told MO. 

“The tribunal members have said that they understand the science around climate change but a decision needs to be made within the confines of the law.”

Dr Kayak said HRL had rejected DEA’s right to challenge the plant, arguing it did not have a direct interest in the project. 

He said the project would use new technology but still