Doctors closing the gap: 5 wins for eye health

There are improvements, but more still needs to be done to stay on track, expert says

Rates of blindness and impaired vision among Indigenous people have halved over the last decade, as moves to close the gap start to show results.

University of Melbourne ophthalmologist Professor Hugh Taylor says initiatives are on track to improve eye health among Indigenous people, so that it is on par with eye health in the non-Indigenous population by 2020.

“All of these improvements are very encouraging, but more needs to be done if we want to achieve our goal of giving all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people the same eye health as other Australians,” says Professor Taylor, who has been instrumental in driving forward eye health in Indigenous communities.

He set up the Indigenous Eye Health group at the University of Melbourne University in 2008, and launched The Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision in 2012.

Professor Taylor presented an annual update on the Roadmap’s