Doctors, med students to take part in biggest ever mental health survey

The national mental health initiative involves a pilot questionnaire being mailed to 1000 doctors and 1000 medical students this week asking them to respond anonymously, with the plan to then send mental health questionnaires to 40,000 doctors and 8000 medical students in February next year.

Beyondblue plans to use the results from mid-2013 to increase community awareness of doctor mental health and improve how it is treated.

In a statement this morning, the organisation said its mental health advisory group, chaired by World Medical Association chair Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, found in 2010 that doctors faced barriers seeking help for depression. It also found there was an evidence gap regarding doctor mental health including prevalence and risk factors.

Beyondblue hoped the survey results would fill that evidence gap.

“To ensure Australia tackles depression and anxiety as well as it can, it is vital that we ensure the mental health of