Doctors quit NEHTA en masse

The top team of clinical experts behind the billion dollar e-health record system have quit en masse, leaving the Federal Government's flagship program floundering with virtually no clinical oversight.

Among the first to go was NEHTA's head of clinical leadership Dr Mukesh Haikerwal (pictured), the former AMA president, who has been the medical face of the personally controlled e-health records (PCEHRs) for the last six years.

But other key players are also understood to have quit from the executive of NEHTA's so-called "clinical unit".

These include Melbourne GP Dr Nathan Pinskier, a member RACGP's national standing committee on e-health, and Dr John Bennett.

Australian Doctor also understands that Dr Jenny Bartlett, a former executive on the Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care, has left along with Dr Chris Pearce - although the