Doctors referring patients for clitoridectomy, claims Russian clinic

A chain of private clinics in Moscow has come under fire for advertising female circumcision

A chain of private clinics in Russia says it performs clitoridectomy because "there is demand from patients with referrals from doctors".

The small chain of medical centres in Moscow called Best Clinic came under fire earlier this week after a local newspaper reported it had an advertisement on its website saying it carried out "female circumcision" on girls aged between five and 12.

The Russian language online newspaper Meduza published screenshots of the ad, which Best Clinic has since removed from its website.

"This service is on the list of services Best Clinic provides because there is demand from patients with referrals from doctors," the clinic said in a statement.

"Clitoridectomy, a surgical procedure, is being performed only on medical grounds," it said, adding that it did not circumcise female patients under the age of 18.