Doctor’s traumatised husband home and safe after kidnapping

But that was exactly what confronted the Ryde Hospital emergency physician who was last week forced to take time off to treat the “serious psychological trauma” her husband sustained after apparently being held hostage by government forces in his homeland Sri Lanka.

“I’ll go back to work but I don’t know when,” an emotional Dr Somaratna told MO from her home in Dural in Sydney’s north-west. “I need a little bit of time to help him get recovered.”

Her political activist husband, Sri Lankan-Australian citizen Premakumar Gunaratnam, disappeared earlier this month near the Sri Lankan capital Colombo where he was understood to be preparing to launch an anti-government Marxist party. He reappeared several days later and returned home, telling Australian media he was taken by security forces at gunpoint, blindfolded, tied up and sexually tortured. The Sri Lankan government has denied responsibility.