Doctors urge banks to think greenhouse

A DOCTORS’ environmental group is calling on GPs to put their banks on notice over their financing of coal-fired power plants.

Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) has begun a letter campaign encouraging members to write to their banks outlining the health effects of power stations and the greenhouse gases they produce. 

Dr Graeme Horton, DEA member and senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle, said the top priority was to draw attention to how the banks’ sustainability policies were at odds with their investment decisions.

A Greenpeace report released in October 2010 showed the big banks lent more than $5.5 billion to the coal industry during the past five years, seven times more than to the renewable sector.

“We want the banks to re-evaluate the effect of their support for these industries and make them realise the need to support renewable energy investment in preference to the fossil fuel industry,