DORA the ignorer: Prescription-tracking system failing to monitor all high-risk addictive drugs

Diazepam, quetiapine and fluoxetine contributed to ex-Navy submariner's death, says coroner

A coroner has stressed the need for real-time script-tracking software to cover addictive schedule 4 drugs such as diazepam and quetiapine, not just opioids.


The Tasmanian coroner made the comments after investigating the 2014 death of 44-year-old ex-Navy submariner Michael Allan Steer, who died from a toxic combination of prescription medication.

Toxicology analysis revealed the presence of diazepam, quetiapine, fluoxetine, paracetamol and codeine.

Since 2012, GPs in Tasmania have had access to DORA, a real-time prescription monitoring system,