Dozens of 'code blue' numbers is crazy, say hospital doctors

Call for just one emergency response team number for all Australian hospitals

Medical staff in Australian hospitals tackling a cardiac emergency also face a bewildering choice of numbers to call for help in the event of a medical crisis. 

Summoning an emergency response team in an hospital could mean dialling any one of 51 numbers, such as 3111, 333 and 33#.

Doctors are now campaigning to streamline the 51 different numbers to just one — 2222, according to a report in Fairfax News. 

Leading the push is Sydney anaesthetist Dr Robert Hackett, who says having just one number to remember will reduce confusion, cut response times and save lives.

"I work in eight hospitals, so remembering one emergency number is much easier. It's a single digit, so you only have to remember one digit and the order doesn't matter," Dr Hackett told Fairfax News. 

A joint letter from the Australian Resuscitation Council and the Australian and New Zealand