Dr George Crisp - Green Practice founder, Perth, WA

WHEN Perth GP Dr George Crisp tried to convince his peers to commit to buying green-friendly medical equipment, they showed interest in his GreenPractice campaign – just not enough to commit financially.

Now Dr Crisp has come up with another way to rally family doctors to join the fight to save the planet – convince the patients.

After what he said was failure to get the numbers of doctors he needed to pressure suppliers into using recyclable packaging, Dr Crisp is now to launch a web-based campaign demonstrating to patients how practices can make a difference. 

“A lot of doctors are interested in the subject but when it comes down to it they’re more concerned with day-to-day things, they’re not necessarily ready to take action,” he told MO.

“Perhaps a better audience for us would be patients rather than doctors, so we’re seeing if we can get patients to drive their doctors