Dreaming of warm beer? Aussie GPs to be fast-tracked to work in UK

NHS England expands overseas recruitment drive to address GP shortages

Fancy a British sabbatical? 

The UK government is cutting red tape for Australian GPs wishing to work in the UK, in response to worsening shortages among its local family doctors. 

GPs qualified in Australia will be able to go through a “streamlined” process to certify their eligibility to practise in the UK, according to a report in Pulse, a GP news service in the UK. 

The General Medical Council (GMC) and the Royal College of General Practice have reviewed the curriculum, training and assessment processes of Australian GP training to ensure it is equivalent to the UK's program,

The aim was to simplify the Certificate of Eligibility for GP recognition.

“By streamlining the process and cutting red-tape we can make sure doctors with high-quality overseas qualifications can register to practise here as quickly as possible, while