Drink coffee as if your life depends on it

Yet another piece of research extols the virtues of this famous brew

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another study extolling the virtues of coffee, a large study has confirmed that up to eight cups a day protects against all-cause mortality.

The study of nearly half a million British adults found that coffee drinkers were about 10-15% less likely to die than abstainers during a decade of follow-up. 

Differences by amount of coffee consumed were minimal, although a small dose–response effect was evident.

What’s more, it didn’t seem to matter whether the brew of choice was instant, ground or decaffeinated coffee.

All types had a positive effect on longevity, the study found.

This suggests the importance of non-caffeine constituents in the coffee–mortality association, say the US researchers.

In other words, it’s not the caffeine that’s the magic ingredient in coffee.

The researchers say there are many