A drink a day to boost fertility?

One study suggests it may be just the thing for some men

The question of whether alcohol intake affects male reproductive function is controversial. 

The latest evidence, published in the journal Andrology, shows a positive association between moderate drinking and male fertility.

In fact, the research shows that a drink a day is linked with higher semen volume, sperm concentration and total sperm count.

In the study of 323 men, 9.6% were abstainers, 30.0% consumed 1-3 standard drinks a week, 30.3% drank 4-7 and 30.0% consumed more than eight alcohol units per week. 

One unit is defined as 125mL wine or 330mL beer or 30mL spirits, all containing approximately 12.5g of ethanol. 

Compared with the group that drank 1-3 units a week, median semen volume was higher in the 4-7 units/week group, as was total sperm count. 

Drinking more than eight units a week was "not negatively associated with other seminal