Drink more caffeine: advice to kidney disease patients

Soft-drink caffeine lowers the risk of dying in those with the condition

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who consume a lot of caffeine have a lower risk of dying than those who drink little or no caffeine, a study of US patients suggests.

Data from nearly 5000 CKD patients revealed an inverse relationship between caffeine consumption and all-cause mortality.

Those ingesting the highest levels of caffeine (median: 316mg/day) were 25% less likely to die over a median follow-up of five years than those who consumed the least caffeine (median: 3mg/day).

But the protective effect was limited to caffeine from soft drinks, with the study authors finding no significant association between coffee and tea and reduced mortality.

Lead author Dr Miguel Bigotte Vieira, from Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte in Portugal, said while the observational study did not prove that caffeine reduced the risk of death among patients with CKD, it suggested it had a protective effect.