Dump ‘private’ bulk-billing clinics in hospitals

First, I would abolish “private” bulk-billing clinics in public hospitals. These are not private clinics. The patient does not get a choice as to whom they see, the doctor is not paid for service as a private doctor is, and these clinics should not drain the Medicare pool of funds available to it.
Second, I would offer incentives in the form of PIP to general practices to see patients within 24–48 hours of a patient request. Too many general practices are focusing on chronic care and forgetting about acute. No-one should have to wait three weeks to see a GP.
Third, having created a place for GP patients to go (as in the second point above), I would link funding to state governments for health on the proviso that they institute a co-payment for GP presentations to public emergency departments.

If a patient attends an emergency department and is assessed as having a GP problem, then they are advised that they will have