Eight pregnant asylum seekers on Nauru

Department of Immigration secretary Martin Bowles has told a senate hearing there were eight pregnant women currently living in tents and 110 children, including three unaccompanied minors.

The women would be transferred off the island to give birth in Australia.

"Ultimately Nauru will at some stage have the capacity to deal with [asylum seeker births]," Mr Bowles said.

"They will return to the island and we are looking to have them in appropriate accommodation, it's more than likely that it won't be tentage."

Dr Paul Alexander, the chair of an immigration health advisory group, will report in December on his review of the case of an asylum seeker mother who was separated from her sick baby at nights after he was born recently in a Brisbane hospital.

The mother was moved back to a Brisbane detention centre after the birth while her son remained in hospital for several days.

Department officials said she was able to