Employ an investigator to weed out the few rorting doctors

Fining, naming and shaming would keep the system clean. Very few doctors are dishonest, and this would save many hours of valuable consulting time and save a large amount of money.

2) Leave GP visits at A,B,C,D and add an E (50–60 minutes). Make all specialist visits timed and remunerate exactly double that of a GP. A nice simple system.

We are wasting money setting some specialist visits at up to six times that of a GP! A specialist chooses to specialise and it costs the community to train them. Earning double what a GP earns is a reasonable reward.

3) After-hours fees should be double the daytime rate. That will provide an incentive to all doctors for after-hours work.

4) Cancel all incentives for rural doctors, but pay a bonus of 10% for each remote grading. Viz: RA 2 10% bonus RA 3 20% etc. This would be paid for every consultation or procedure.

5) Every doctor has a two-year rural service moratorium before any private