Endometriosis, coeliac disease may be linked

RESEARCHERS have flagged a possible association between endometriosis and coeliac disease (CD). 

More than 11,000 women with CD were identified from 28 pathology departments in Sweden, and development of endometriosis over eight years’ follow-up was compared with almost 55,000 age-matched controls, in the study.

The researchers said the women with CD had a 39% increased risk of developing the gynaecological condition, and estimated 28% of their endometriosis was attributable to the CD. “Shared aetiology and ongoing inflammation are candidate explanations,” they said, but added the risk may be confined to individuals with low adherence to a gluten-free diet.

Qld reproductive endocrinologist and gynaecologist, Dr Clare Boothroyd, from IVFMed, cautioned the study could be prone to detection-bias and had no immediate clinical application.

However, it added to an increasing body of evidence that endometriosis was &ldquo