EpiPen shortage to last for months

PBAC has recommended funding an alternative

Patients may struggle to get their hands on an EpiPen for another several months because of international manufacturing problems, supplier Mylan Australia says.

EpiPens are the only 300µg adrenaline auto-injector products on the PBS, although the government has been advised to fund stocks of an alternative product, Emerade, until at least August to ensure patients are covered during the shortage.

The recommendation for a temporary authority listing of Emerade was made by the PBAC at its meeting in March.

Last week, Mylan, which distributes EpiPens in Australia, announced the shortage would not be fixed for “some months” because of delays with Meridian Medical Technologies, the company that produces them.

The current shortage follows a series of international shortages affecting adult and junior EpiPens at various times last year.

Mylan has stressed that EpiPens are still available in