Euthanasia: the medical divide

WHEN Don Flounders and his wife, Iris, entered a Mexican pharmacy in 2008, it was Valentine’s Day and they considered their purchase of Nembutal just another act of love in their 60 years together.

On the evening of 28 April this year, Don, 81, terminally ill with mesothelioma, and Iris, 88, took the Nembutal. They were found dead the next day, holding hands. 

A video, later posted at their request on YouTube, captured their last thoughts as they spoke of their decision to end their lives.

Originally from London, the Flounders and their two children had made the Victorian town of Warragul their home. 

In 2007 Don was diagnosed with mesothelioma, and the following year, with the help of euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke, he and his wife travelled to Mexico to purchase the barbiturate commonly used to euthanise animals.

“When we got the drugs, I thought I might not want to live on without Don. Three