‘Every GP deserves recognition’

Six Australian GPs have received Queen's Birthday honours for their service to small communities.

Among them was Dr Jennifer Wray, a devoted GP in Narooma and 2011 RACGP General Practitioner of the Year.

Dr Wray was "absolutely blown away" when she heard she would receive a Medal of the Order of Australia. She dedicated it to the people of Narooma and doctors of Australia.

"I will accept in on behalf of all GPs. I think we all do an amazing job and every GP deserves daily recognition," she said.

The country doctor, who has been practising in Narooma since 1977, overcame the challenges of balancing work and family at a time when there was little support for rural GPs.

"I began in the days before ambulance officers were paramedics, so a lot of the responsibility fell to the GP," she said.

But there have been "massive advances" in rural practice in the past 20 years, she said,