Excess kilos may lead to incontinence

Younger women with obesity are twice as likely to have urinary troubles

Young and middle-aged women who are overweight or obese may be more likely to develop urinary incontinence, Australian researchers say.

Women who are obese are twice as likely as those of a normal weight to experience incontinence, according to the University of Queensland study.

The effect was smaller among women who were overweight but not obese.

These women were 35% more likely to be incontinent compared withwomen of a normal weight, according to the paper in Obesity Reviews.

To determine the impact of obesity on urine leakage, the research team reviewed the medical literature for studies on incontinence and weight.

They settled on 14 studies that contained data on 47,293 women from eight countries: Australia, France, the US, Denmark, England, Scotland, Wales and the Netherlands.

Studies were included only if the average age of the women