Fake gynaecologist's victim speaks of pain

She says the fraudster's crimes left her wanting to die

One of the victims of a fake gynaecologist who fleeced Melbourne patients of tens of thousands of dollars says his crimes have left her wanting to die.

She was one of 30 victims of Raffaele Di Paolo, 61, who passed himself off as a medical practitioner and fertility specialist for a decade before pleading to and being found guilty of more than 50 charges. 

In the Victorian County Court on Monday, one victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the vaginitis and subsequent marriage breakdown she suffered following the fake fertility treatment left her feeling suicidal.

"I continually wish that I could end my life," she said. "I often fear what I might do because of the depths of my despair."

The woman said her husband had left her because she could not have intercourse and that she was so depressed she feared she might lose her job.

"I am worried and depressed about the potential