Family of GP killed at black spot will continue his safety campaign

'Dad feared someone would be killed on this road, we just never imagined it would be him'

For years, Brisbane GP Dr Geoff Copland campaigned for safety upgrades to the local, dangerous intersection that would claim his life.

Tragically, he died eight days after being pinned under a car at the intersection while on his daily walk in August.

The car had flipped and rolled on top of him after a collision, according to a Courier Mail report.

Now his daughter Jenny Knight has taken on the task of improving the intersection for other pedestrians.

She has started a petition through Brisbane City Council to reduce speed zones in residential areas to 40km/h.

"That might not have changed anything regarding dad’s death, but drivers will have a greater sense of care if it goes ahead," she told the Courier Mail.

Dr Copland, 68, was a former deputy medical superintendent at the Gold Coast Hospital.

According to his daughter, the GP