Fast forward - RACGP ten years on

As RACGP president Professor Claire Jackson prepares to hand the reins to a new candidate after this year’s election, she is “enormously proud” of the strides the college has made since hitting its lowest point a decade ago.

In April 2002, MO reported on moves to challenge the college leadership following the contentious appointment of former health minister Dr Michael Wooldridge as a consultant.

It was Dr Wooldridge, as health minister, who had announced a few years earlier the college would lose the responsibility for GP training, and by 2002 the college’s membership had shrunk to about 4000 while its finances were in disarray.

“It’s remarkable to think so much could change in 10 years,” Professor Jackson reflected.

“In 2002, the college had lost the training program and had a lot of difficulties re-focusing its financing.

“We had a modest membership, an erratic