Fears new Qld health ombudsman may focus on prosecution

The HQCC will be decommissioned when the ombudsman starts up in June next year, but the latest HQCC annual report, published this week, reveals that the state body had to freeze the capture of complaint data for “healthcare safety and quality improvement” purposes because of resource constraints.

The report promised to resume reporting on that data in its next – and last – annual report, but HQCC CEO Adjunct Professor Cheryl Herbert told MO that the ombudsman may not be required to carry out that work at all.

“The new health ombudsman act hasn’t got a concentration on quality improvement, it’s more about prosecution,” she told MO.

“We’ve been saying we’re going to keep this going as long as we possibly can… but we’re concerned that if the health ombudsman doesn’t have a will, because it’s not mandatory, that there may not be this sort of