Fears over NP paperwork are ‘overblown’, GPs told

In response to the advice last week – which stated that GPs were well within their rights to ask the NP not to send any more correspondence – nurse clinic operators claimed the practice was unlikely to be common enough to become a problem.

MIPS medico-legal adviser Dr Rob Walters said it was “perfectly reasonable” for GPs to ask not to receive results about patients they were not familiar with as long as the GP exercised the required duty of care.

The AMA meanwhile said GPs had a professional obligation to review information sent to them by an NP, but if they didn’t consider themselves to be the regular doctor for the patient involved, they should “write to the NP and the patient” to ask not to be sent any further results.

NP-led clinic operator Revive Group managing director Louise Stewart said it was “fair enough” for GPs to ask not to be sent paperwork about people they didn’t consider to