The flu doesn’t stop 90% of Aussies working

The survey of 1068 people by the Influenza Specialist Group found the main reason people gave for battling on was feeling they would let their colleagues down (20%) if they stayed home, while others were worried about work building up or missing deadlines (19%).

Almost 20% of respondents said they didn’t believe flu symptoms were a serious enough reason to stay home and only 40% said they would call a doctor if they thought they had the flu.

In fact, the majority of respondents (84%) had never used anti-viral medications from the doctor when they had the flu.

The most popular treatments were over the counter medications from the chemist (47%) and hot lemon drinks or chicken soup (18%).

The survey also showed turning up to work with the sniffles would annoy co-workers who believe a person with flu symptoms should stay home (61%), will feel annoyed or frustrated when people go about their daily activities while sick (56%) and worry