Fluoride objector threatens to gas chief doctor

"We know your face, I have friends in Syria, do you know of sarin gas?" Dr Kerry Chant was told after giving a submission to Lismore City Council on the benefits of fluoride on Wednesday night.

The remark was made to her in the car park by an "angry observer", according to opposition health spokesman Dr Andrew McDonald.

It followed the local council's decision to overturn a ban on fluoride in drinking supplies.

"[Dr Chant] had flown to Lismore simply to encourage the council to follow NSW government policy," Dr McDonald told parliament, after introducing a Labor bill that would force local authorities to fluoridate their drinking water.

"This behaviour is typical of some of the more extreme elements of the anti-fluoride debate."

Dr McDonald is calling on the NSW government to act to protect the dental health of the state's children and to end the "anti-fluoridation circus".

The government needs to step in and take