Foreign doc concerns downplayed following a spate of surgical bungles

Investigations have been launched into a urologist who is accused of botching four operations at the Rockhampton Hospital. The South American surgeon who trained in Spain has been stood down. 

He allegedly misdiagnosed a twisted testicle causing it to ultimately be removed, took a patient's right kidney instead of the diseased left one, nicked another's artery and incorrectly positioned a stent.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said the focus must be on improving systems to reduce medical mistakes, and focusing on the doctor's training overseas is muddying the real issue.

He said the doctor at the heart of the allegations trained in Spain but went on to gain specialist qualifications in London where he was awarded honours.

When he came to Australia he underwent two further years of training and won accreditation in 2011 to practise unsupervised, including the right to train other doctors.

"There are hundreds of