Former AMA president guilty over false training claims

Dr Keith Woollard did not have enough experience to perform a complex angioplasty: tribunal

A former AMA president has been found guilty of professional misconduct for making false claims about his training experience so he could be accredited to perform angioplasties.

In 2005, Dr Keith Woollard told the medical advisory committee at the Mount Hospital in Perth he should be accredited because he had reached the training requirements of at least 200 supervised angioplasties, all logged.

Two months after being granted accreditation, he was asked to provide documentation, but the logbook Dr Woollard sent only listed 154 angioplasties.

Dr Woollard claimed he had assisted with angioplasties on more than 100 patients in the 1980s, supervised by Dr Geoffrey Cope, and therefore his experience "greatly exceeded" the requirements.

But at a hearing of the WA State Administrative Tribunal this year, Dr Cope said he had never performed any angioplasties with Dr Woollard’s assistance.