Former chair baffled over RACGP dumping

THE former chair of the RACGP’s General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration Dr Darcy Smith may quit the college in protest after being dumped from his position in the middle of his three-year term.

Dr Smith, who has been a college representative on the collaboration since 2001 and chair since 2007, said he was baffled by the college decision, which he said he was notified about by phone, but with no explanation.

The collaboration is a multidisciplinary body operating under the auspices of the RACGP and is responsible for establishing standards of education and training for the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care program and promotion of quality professional development in mental health for GPs.

“I was reappointed chair in 2010 for another three-year term,” said Dr Darcy, who has since joined ACRRM.

“Instead, I received a call from the college president who told me the college council had made the