Funny bone in the spotlight at Doc Art Festival

THEY say laughter is the best medicine, but that may be truest of all when it comes to doctors themselves.

A sneaky chuckle may mean the difference between coping and moping in the notoriously high-pressure job.

At least, that’s the thinking behind the third annual Doc Art Festival, which has ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ as its theme for the event on 3 July.

Doctors are expected to unfurl a barrage of performance, prose, poetry, art and photography – all with their own special brand of wit – during the day-long event at NSW AMA House in Sydney.

Dr Tony Chu, president of the NSW AMA Creative Doctors Network, does not expect any holding back.

“Doctors often have a sick sense of humour,” he told MO. “It’s a very stressful job at times. You’ve got to see the lighter side of medicine, you’ve got to see the funny side of medicine.”