Futuristic smartphone app a winning idea

A SMARTPHONE app that records vital signs and transmits these and point-of-care test results directly into a patient’s e-health record might be just a daydream for GPs in 2011, but the forward-thinking concept has won Medical Observer’s Future Medicine competition.

Just under 1000 GPs from across the country entered and came up with a vast range of suggestions in answer to the competition question: “What piece of technology would you like to see invented to make GPs’ lives easier in the future?”

NSW GP Dr Dannielle Poyzer’s suggestion, which would enable patients to be scanned with a smartphone for an instant reading, has netted her the major prize of a TAG Heuer watch set valued at $3300.

Her app would also help GPs by conducting pathology tests through the skin, resulting in immediate diagnosis.

“It was what I’d love to have,” said Dr Poyzer. “With all the apps you can download