Gen Y study aims to tap into career attitudes

AUSTRALIA’S medical graduates are already a hot commodity, but with 40% of currently practising GPs aged 55 years or older, there is a growing desperation to steer more of those graduates toward careers in general practice.

The problem, according to General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) CEO Amit Vohra, is that nobody is really sure how to do that.

“There is very little research available into the attitudes of generation Y doctors-in-training and the best ways to communicate a message to them,” Mr Vohra said.

To fill that gap the GPRA, RACGP, GPET, MIMS Australia and Pfizer have combined with research company Ipsos to see what makes Gen Y tick.

The group is currently seeking ethics approval for a major research project that will examine Gen Y’s career aspirations, where and how medical students get information, what channels they use to access it, how they view technology and when they make their vocational