Genetic link to MMR vax seizures

Reporting in the journal Nature Genetics, the team found that febrile seizures occurred in roughly one in every 1000 children who were given the MMR vaccine.

Two genetic variants came to light that pointed to a higher risk of a febrile seizure in the second week following MMR vaccination, they said.

They lie on genes that play an important role in how the immune system reacts to viral intruders.

In addition, four other variants were found that link to febrile seizures in general, and have no connection with the MMR vaccine.

These four lie on genes that help to govern ion channels, an essential communications link between nerve cells.

Children who had the highest tally of the four variants were almost four times likelier to have febrile seizures than counterparts with the least number.

The six variants are unlikely to account for more than just a small proportion of the genetic causes for seizures, the