Glasson tipped to unseat Rudd

Mr Rudd, who currently holds the seat of Griffith which Dr Glasson is hoping to win for the coalition, was booked six weeks ago to attend last night's forum but pulled out at the last moment.

On Thursday morning, Mr Rudd confirmed he would not be debating Dr Glasson because he had other priorities in Sydney and instead appeared on Channel Ten's The Project, at about the time the debate was going on in Brisbane.

Dr Glasson said those who attended the forum were less than happy about Mr Rudd's no-show, and he felt for Labor Senator Claire Moore who was sent on the prime minister's behalf.

"The fact that they had registered in good faith, to hear what he had to say, and then at such short notice not to turn up – they were quite angry and quite vocal," Dr Glasson told the ABC.

"I think it was unfortunate because Senator Claire Moore had to step in, and she had to take heat on an issue that in fact he should have taken."