Govt announces new Medicare Locals

The announcement will also give certainty ahead of the AGPN national forum later this month. The divisions body had pressed Canberra for an early list of winning tenderers so it could use the annual event to start the transition.

“The field needed to be clarified and cast so that our division members, and obviously the new and developing Medicare Local organisations, can maximise the opportunity for dialogue, learning and consolidation at our forum,” AGPN chair Dr Emil Djakic told MO.

“Most can now move forward with the negotiations for the contract. What we’re looking at is the substantial completion of a project, which gives us time to move [before the 1 January changeover],” he said.

The early announcement follows criticism of the government after its announcement of the first 19 MLs just days before they were to open on 1 July this year.

Today it named the 18 organisations that will