Govt bypasses primary care for rollout of e-health record sites

THE Federal Government has come under fire for focusing heavily on acute settings in the latest step towards a national personally controlled e-health record system.

Health Minister Nicola Roxon last week announced nine new project sites for the rollout of the e-health records, including just one primary care project site, the Brisbane South Division. 

AGPN chair Dr Emil Djakic questioned the selection of eight other project sites, which were mostly hospital based, saying it was a “step backwards and away” from primary healthcare.

“The e-health agenda has for too long been dominated by a focus on the acute sector, when we know the majority of health services are delivered through general practice and the primary healthcare sector,” he said. 

“This… has in effect undermined the development of a patient-centric, coordinated, cross-sector e-health system.”

NEHTA clinical lead Dr