Govt too busy making other plans for GPs

CUTTING the rebates for mental health plans once again brings into sharp focus the way in which the medical profession is led by the government.

Rebates for plans complicate the work of most family GPs, but for a few they are a Godsend staving off an impecunious demise.

The back-referral has confronted nearly every GP. Psychologists would probably win the race for sending patients to their GP for a referral to unlock Medicare rebates. Dentists would be a close second.

It seems that these days everyone needs a psychologist. There are many who would agree that what people really need is their own family doctor. 

When the family medicine program gave way to the generic ‘general practice training’, the idea of being a family doctor was yet again demoted. 

The need for a College of Family Medicine that supports and promotes the generalist in medicine has never been more important.

There is a creeping