GP bodies defend co-pay policy response

GP bodies have defended their muted reaction to the new co-payment plan that will strip $3.5 billion from general practice, as they prepare to meet with the Federal Health Minister. 

Grass-roots GPs have blasted the AMA, RACGP and ACCRM for failing to hit out at the government for the savage cuts it plans to impose on general practice.

The overhaul, announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott last Tuesday, saw the planned $7 co-payment for all patients axed.

But instead GPs will see $5 cut from rebates for non-concessional patients over 16, a freeze on all GP items until 2018 and an extension to the consult time for a level B item to a minimum of 10 minutes.

In their initial responses to the news, all three organisations welcomed the revised plan saying it was a win for