GP cautioned after allergy death

A SYDNEY GP who injected an elderly patient with morphine without checking her medication chart, which listed an allergy to the drug, has been found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct and formally cautioned.

In its finding, the NSW Medical Council said Dr Vasil Tulevski, from North Rocks, was the patient’s GP when she entered an aged care facility in January 2009.

On the day of the incident in August 2009, the patient had been experiencing nausea, vomiting and reduced appetite. Dr Tulevski examined the patient and noted she had right upper abdominal pain. He made a provisional diagnosis of gallstones. He prescribed and administered Maxolon, Buscopan, and morphine via injection.

The patient, whose medical chart showed she was allergic to morphine, died the following day.

As well as failing to review the patient’s medication chart, Dr Tulevski failed to take adequate steps to check for any allergies to the