GP condemned over cancer deaths

A GP who opened up her home to cancer patients to be treated with an alternative therapy involving infusions of caesium into their bodies may have been swept up in a "cult like" belief, a coroner has found.

Today WA state coroner Evelyn Vicker released a 308-page judgment describing the deaths of Sandra McCarty, Pia Bosso, Sandra Kokalis, Deborah Gruber and Carmelo Vinciullo.

In May 2005, Dr Alexandra Boyd’s Perth home was used as the location to treat seven patients while they underwent a so-called cancer treatment program developed by former doctor Hellfried Sartori, struck off the US register and subsequently jailed for administering caesium chloride and practising without a licence.

Each patient paid between $20,000 and $40,000 to be on a program that required them to refuse conventional medicine, including pain-relief medication, and instead undergo infusions of caesium chloride and the industrial solvent