GP delivers his receptionist's baby after waters break at work

This takes the ethos of 'family practice' to the next level

A GP has taken the ethos of ‘family practice’ to the next level by delivering his own receptionist’s baby after her waters broke in the waiting room.

Aimee Turnbull says she had always joked about having her first baby with the help of Dr Grahame Deane at Lake Cathie Medical Centre, NSW, where she works.

But no one was laughing when the 30-year-old went into early labour in full view of patients while standing at the practice’s front desk.

“I was filling out a patient’s appointment card when the water started coming out of me. It’s lucky I was standing on a rubber mat!” Ms Turnbull recalled.

From there, things moved quickly. An ambulance was called, but the baby started crowning before paramedics arrived, and it was left to Dr Deane to manage the birth in the practice consultation room.

“Dr Deane said he hadn’t delivered a baby in four years, but he’d been doing it so long that I suppose it