GP designs memory aid for smartphones

MODERN medicos are increasingly turning to smartphone applications to help with patient care, but NSW GP Dr Mike Birrell has taken that one step further by designing his own.

A GP for 30 years, Dr Birrell has worked extensively in aged care and used some extra time while he was laid up with an ankle injury last year to devise the MemoryMate application for the iPhone.

The application includes a medication alarm, an easy-to-use planner, a memo device to keep verbal or written thoughts, and a demographic file for personal details. 

It also features a personal crisis call list that brings up three nominated phone numbers and 000 in case of emergency along with a GPS tracking device to find a person or the phone if either becomes lost.

“The application itself is designed for people whose memories just don’t hold details like they used to and who need a little prompt now and then,” Dr Birrell told MO