GP division shut out of merger and forced to shut down shop

Adelaide North East Division of General Practice (ANEDGP) was intended to be merged with neighbouring Adelaide Northern Division of General Practice (ANDGP) to form Northern Adelaide Medicare Local (NAML) . 

But in January the newly formed body told ANEDGP it would subcontract services elsewhere and no longer needed the division.

With ANEDGP’s funding set to be reallocated to the Medicare Local at the end of this month, it could not become a subcontractor while insolvent so was forced to close, leaving almost 30 staff jobless and ­services to be disrupted.

The department of health told MO the Medicare Local would assume responsibility for ANEDGP’s GPs, but ANEDGP CEO Dr Chris Bollen said he would advise members to consider shopping their services around to “other GP organisations around Adelaide”.

“We feel very gutted by not being involved,” Dr Bollen said. “The Commonwealth should take