GP faces tribunal after vaginal exam complaint

Dr Wenxiong He, an Australian citizen who studied medicine in China, was found to have committed unsatisfactory professional conduct in relation to a consult at his Sydney practice when the 18-year-old woman presented with a painful Bartholin cyst in November 2010.

Dr He examined the woman’s vagina, prescribed an antibiotic and told her to go to the hospital emergency department the next day if the lump grew. The next day it burst and the woman went to hospital, where a doctor wrote a letter for her to give Dr He.

A few days later, with the lump and pain gone, the woman returned to Dr He and gave him the letter. She claimed the doctor was “shaking, and did not appear calm”, and that he told her to remove her underwear without asking her if she consented to an internal examination, the Medical Tribunal of NSW’s Professional Standards Committee said.

The committee upheld the woman’s claim that, “Dr He was shaking