GP fights for answers over wife’s care

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen stepped in to allow Dr Sofocado’s family permanent residency last year after immigration officials had declined their 2008 application because Mrs Sofocado developed breast cancer before the department assessed it in 2010.

Dr Sofocado said nurses at Kalgoorlie Hospital exacerbated his wife’s suffering by refusing to provide morphine to relieve her pain, and his official complaint prompted an investigation and a letter of apology from WACHS Goldfields regional medical director Dr Peter Barratt.

“The good thing is at least they admitted there were mistakes and they are trying to improve things,” Dr Sofocado said.

“They are doing the right thing acknowledging those mistakes but I would like to see the results of the investigation.”

The letter mentioned recommendations arising from the investigation, including further training and attendance by consultant palliative care