GP guilty of ‘infamous conduct’ for toxic cancer treatment

The WA State Administrative Tribunal said Perth-based Alexandra Boyd, who relinquished her registration in 2010, treated the patients in May 2005 under a regime promoted by Austrian Mr Abdul-Haqq Sartori, who was never registered in Australia. 

The regime involved injecting caesium, magnesium, dimethyl sulfoxide and laetrile (vitamin B17 and amygdalin). Four of the patients died within two weeks of commencing treatment. Two more died within nine weeks and one survived for four and a half years.

The tribunal noted that an inquest in 2011 found “many of the substances used in the treatment have known toxicity in humans". 

"In particular, caesium can cause ventricular tachyarrhythmias, abnormal rapid cardiac rhythms, disorientation, low blood pressure, gastro-toxicity and seizures," it said. 

Ms Boyd had claimed she was busy with other work and ignorant of the detail of the treatment, that Mr Sartori was managing the